Migima criminal justice consulting, training and developer of anatomically correct dolls used for social services, counseling and gender responsive justice services.
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Welcome to MIgima!

Migima, LLC, founded in 1980, provides innovative services for the legal, social service and health fields in three areas: consulting, training and products. Migima’s professional team, with years of experience in the field of criminal and juvenile justice, helps government, private and non-profit agencies sort through complex issues in order to find comprehensive and targeted solutions.

Based in both Oregon and Washington, D.C., we work with clients in the U.S. and overseas to meet each unique need.


On-Line Store

You can order books and CDs on interviewing, appropriate use of the anatomical dolls, child sexual abuse prevention, school curriculum and gender-responsive justice services right here on our website.

On-Line Store
Books, DVDs & CDs


Training Services

Migima™ offers state-of-the-art, evidence-based training on topics ranging from gender-responsive programs and services for girls and women in the justice system, the correct use of the anatomical dolls in child abuse interviews, to AIDS prevention education programs. Training programs can be customized for your agency.


Consulting Services

Consulting services are available on criminal justice, juvenile justice, gender and social issues. Consulting services include:
   Research and evaluation
   Feasibility studies/needs assessments
   Focus Groups
   Curriculum development and implementation
   Social marketing campaigns
   Grant writing
   Project development, design and management
   Technical assistance to government agencies and non-profits
   Organization and efficiency studies
   PREA Audits


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